IRVINGTON - The mother of a young special needs student injured in Thursday's school bus crash in Irvington spoke to News 12 Saturday about the horrifying impact and her son's long road to recovery.

"As soon as I heard about it, my mind went blank. I didn't know what to do," said mother Carmen Canty. "The only thing I was thinking was I have to get to my son."

Her son Daniel was one of the 11 children injured when a school bus and a car collided and crashed into a building.

Tamera Jones witnessed the impact and immediately sprang into action.

"I left my pocketbook in the car, I took the car keys out of the van and just ran up Springfield Avenue to help get the kids out," Jones told News 12.

Jones was able to help Canty's son Daniel off the bus, along with others.

"He was the one that was the most injured on the bus, so I stayed by his side to calm him down," said Jones. "I have kids of my own. So, if it was my kids, I'd want someone to do the same for me."

"Every time I talk to her, I text her, I say 'thank you,'" Canty told News 12. "You are a blessing in disguise."

Canty said her son has had two surgeries since the crash. A third surgery is scheduled for Tuesday. The outlook for his broken leg is uncertain.