NEWARK - The mother of a 4-year-old girl critically injured when she was struck by an ambulance says that she is still waiting for answers about how it happened.

Keona Campbell says that she was walking with her 4-year-old daughter Jasmine and her 10-year-old son on Lyons Avenue in Newark last week when the incident happened.

"She's only 25 pounds, her little body hit all of the car,” says Campbell. "I don't sleep at night because every time I close my eyes I see my baby going up in the air."

Campbell tells News 12 New Jersey that she and her children were crossing the street to get an ice at St. Peter’s Park. She says that they were in the crosswalk and never saw the ambulance that hit them.

"Jasmine's brain is bleeding in four different spaces,” says Campbell. "Both of her lungs are damaged, one is collapsed, her liver was lacerated."

Jasmine’s birthday was Saturday and she spent it at University Hospital. It is still not clear if the girl will fully recover from her injuries.

Campbell says that she is also upset because she says they the police report is not accurate.

“The Newark police have never interviewed me,” she says.

According to Campbell, the report states that the driver was on the phone and that he's been given a traffic summons.

News 12 New Jersey was unable to obtain a copy of the police report.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the incident and will determine if criminal charges will be filed.