TRENTON - A mother of three says she and her family were robbed at gunpoint during a terrifying home invasion Thursday night.

It was an intense and terrifying moment for the victim who asked News 12 not to identify her for fear of retaliation.

The victim tells us she came outside to the third-floor hallway of her Perry Street apartment building to have a cigarette at around 8:30 p.m. As she came out of her apartment door, she says she looked to the right and saw a man with a gun who pushed her back inside. Two more men followed behind.

"When they had me on the floor they said, ‘Where's the money at?’" she says. "I said, ‘What money? I don't have money.’ I said, ‘Sir, all I have is $60 and a debit card.’"

For the next 20 minutes the three men allegedly held the family hostage as they ransacked the apartment. At one point, the victim feared the robbers would kill her.

"He was like just calm down, it'll be over in a minute and at that time, I just knew I was dead because he came back with the gun and pointed it at me," the victim says.

But the men eventually left without harming the victim or her family.

The victim tells News 12 New Jersey the door to the complex is not locked and there are no surveillance cameras.

Trenton police are investigating but have not returned calls for questions.

The family will not be returning to live there, only to pick up their things and move out.

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