MORRISTOWN - Police are warning residents in Morristown to be on alert after two homes were burglarized in broad daylight.

The break-ins were reported on Erskine Drive and James Street.

Retiree Chris Martin is usually home during the day and says he's not taking any chances after his neighbor's home was burglarized. "I'm concerned, obviously. I walked around last night with a 6 iron," he says.

Police say the two burglaries happened Monday, between 3 and 5 p.m. In both cases, the burglars stole cash, jewelry and small electronics. Police say the burglar broke into one house through a sliding door in the back. They entered the other through an unlocked door.

Heather Fortier says the break-ins have made neighbors feel less secure. "A lot of people did not lock their doors in this neighborhood. And now, unfortunately, I think everybody is," she says.

Residents are being told to be vigilant and to lock doors and windows even if going out for a short time. Residents are asked to call police if they see anything suspicious.