MORRISTOWN - Kleber Cordova was sentenced to 50 years in state prison yesterday for the 2008 drowning death of his wife in the bathtub of the couple's Morristown home.

The couple's then 8-year-old daughter witnessed the horrific scene. The girl, now 12 years old, provided an emotional account of what she saw that day which played a key part in the prosecution's case.

The girl testified that she was woken up by her mother's screams coming from the bathroom. She says she saw her father holding down her mother, Eliana Torres, in the bathtub.

Cordova was sentenced to 45 years for first-degree murder and another five years for child endangerment.

Federal immigration authorities have also placed a detainer on Cordova, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador.

Morristown man found guilty in wife's drowning