MORRISTOWN - A Morristown man is at odds with his neighbors and his town over what he calls unsafe housing conditions.

Gregg Bruen has placed signs all over his property calling out Morristown officials for its immigration policies he says allows for rent stacking.

"People move in and out of these houses every night," says Bruen. "Every house is a fire hazard."

Bruen says that many neighboring homes have dozens of people living inside them, which goes against code. He says that he has complained numerous times to Morristown officials, but the codes are not enforced.

"I'm fighting a losing battle against the town of Morristown," Bruen says.

As a last resort, Bruen has posted nearly a dozen signs all around his property calling the town out. This is not sitting right with his neighbors.

"Every one of us is entitled to free speech, but this is beyond the pale," says neighbor Toms Anderson.

Some of Bruen's Spanish-speaking neighbors say they feel the signs are targeting immigrants who are just trying to make it in the country.

"It's not fair because it offends us Hispanics," says one of the neighbors, using a translator.

Bruen says that this has more to do with Morristown not enforcing codes and everyone deserves a path to citizenship. He also says that he is planning on moving.

Several Morristown officials, including police officers, have passed the area. No one told Bruen to take down the signs.