BOONTON TOWNSHIP - A man in his 70s was attacked by a raccoon believed to be rabid in Boonton Township.

The man was walking in Tourne Park in Boonton Township earlier this week and says that the raccoon attacked him unprovoked. Morris County Park police believe the raccoon had rabies. 

The man was bit on the arm and leg. He is undergoing rabies treatment as a precaution.

Visitors at the park Thursday said that they were being extra careful. Greg and Christie Whitehouse, of Mountain Lakes, were seen hiking in the park with large sticks.

“I probably wouldn't be fast enough to get this guy, but it makes you feel better,” says Greg Whitehouse.

Park police recommend that visitors get away as quick as possible if they see any wild animals acting strangely or out during the day when they are nocturnal. Police also ask residents to keep pets on a leash so they do not get attacked.

Police have trapped four raccoons, including the one believed to have attacked the man. All are being tested for rabies.