MORRISTOWN - Prosecutors are releasing new information about a fatal shooting that happened last year in Mountain Lakes. Back in October, authorities responded to a report of shots fired at a real estate office. Police say they found a woman dead when they arrived , later identified as Christine King, of Oak Ridge. Authorities say a man, Leonardo Parera, was found nearby in his car and was threatening officers.

At a news conference today, the Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi revealed further details on the circumstances of the incident. Police say Leonardo Parera called 911 and said that he was armed and dangerous.

Bianchi says that Parera was a lone gunman and was responsible for the crime. Bianchi also said that numerous people were handcuffed at the time of the shooting as a precaution to make sure that any accomplice would not get away. It was later determined that Parera acted alone.

Bianchi echoed a grand jury's finding that officers were justified in shooting Parera. Bianchi also said that he thinks the incident was an attempt at suicide by cop.

Authorities say they could not find any evidence of why he wanted to die or why he had to kill someone he barely knew before the end.