SOMA, Japan - (AP) - There are fears of a third potentialexplosion at a nuclear plant in northeast Japan following Friday'searthquake and tsunami.

Officials say the fuel rods in one reactor were fully exposedafter it lost its ability to cool down. Sea water is being pumpedon the rods to cool them down and prevent another explosion.

Earlier today a hydrogen explosion at another reactor at thesame plant sent a massive cloud of smoke into the air. Elevenworkers were injured.

On Saturday, a third nuclear reactor at the plant exploded,injuring four workers and causing mass evacuations. Much of thereactor's outer building was destroyed.

Seventeen U.S. military personnel involved in helicopter reliefmissions were found to have been exposed to low levels of radiationupon returning to the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier about100 miles offshore.

U.S. officials say the exposure level was roughly equal to onemonth's normal exposure in the environment. The 17 were scrubbedwith soap and water, and were declared contamination-free.

But as a precaution, the carrier and other U.S. 7th Fleet shipshave shifted to another area.

The tide is bringing in the bodies of moreof the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

A Japanese police official says 1,000 bodies that had washed upon shore were found scattered today along the coastline. Officialsnow say there are about 2,800 confirmed dead. But in the provincewhere the bodies were found today, the police chief estimates morethan 10,000 may have died.

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