BELMAR - Many New Jersey beaches proved to be dangerous for swimming this weekend, as Hurricane Danielle continued to spawn rough waves and rip currents.

The hurricane caused rip currents all across the New Jersey shoreline. Officials say 110 swimmers had to be rescued in Manasquan yesterday alone, sometimes as many as 20 at once because of the strong currents.

No injuries were reported as a result of the rough waters.

Waves are currently about two to three feet high. Even though the ocean looks calm, rip tides are still an issue. Some beachgoers that News 12 New Jersey spoke with say the water is perfect for boogie boarding though.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Earl has strengthened to a Category 4 storm as it moves out of the Caribbean. Meteorologist Dave Curren says rough surf and strong rip currents could return along the Jersey Shore for the upcoming holiday weekend.