SEASIDE PARK - A shark sighting at the Jersey Shore forced lifeguards to clear the Brighton Avenue Beach in Seaside Park Tuesday.

With several shark attacks in North and South Carolina this summer, lifeguards on the beach quickly got everyone to safety.

"We cleared the water at the beach it was located at and a couple of the neighboring beaches just to keep everybody out of harm's way, heaven forbid," says Beach Patrol Lt. Jim Rankin.

Ryan Hurst, visiting from Maryland, was in the water and rushed out. "We saw a fin and the shark was like 100 feet out," he says.

Last week, a hammerhead shark was spotted off the coast of Belmar and Point Pleasant. Beaches in Brick and Toms River also had to clear swimmers out recently due to shark sightings.

Lifeguards along the New Jersey coast say they'll continue to keep a close watch.