SURF CITY - Officials say more Portuguese man-of-wars are making their way onto the Jersey Shore.

At least 30 of the creatures washed up on the beach in Surf City this weekend. Lifeguards collected them and threw them away.

The first reported sighting was last week in Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island, and more have been found throughout southern New Jersey's coastline. The man-of-war can pack a highly toxic and painful sting that in some cases can be life-threatening. It has tentacles that can grow as long as 30 feet.

Surf City Councilman Peter Heartney says swimmers should be cautious, and he hopes the Fourth of July holiday isn't ruined.

"Hopefully they pick a new beach to go to and the 4th of July comes and goes with no incident," he says.

Experts say man-of-wars are typically found in warm water and could have rode Gulf Stream currents up from Florida, where they are common.

Recent winds and currents pushed the animals to the Jersey Shore from warmer waters.

Experts say the winds have shifted once again, which should hopefully reduce the chance of the animals washing ashore.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.