RAHWAY - Many people reported long lines and computer issues on Monday at Motor Vehicle Commission offices in parts of the state.

Residents told News 12 New Jersey that the queue at the MVC office in Rahway had grown to over two hours shortly after opening due to reported issues with the agency’s computer systems. By noon, the problems had largely resolved and the long lines had dissipated.

Some of New Jersey’s lawmakers say that they want to find out why the wait times at the Motor Vehicle Commission offices are so long.

Senate President Steve Sweeney and Sen. Robert Gordon say that they will have special hearings with MVC officials and employees to figure out ways to improve processes at the agency. 

The MVC blames the issues on an outdated computer system, which is something Sen. Sweeney wants to shed light on at the hearings.

“It’s not customer service that needs to be fixed, it needs to be the operation, and it starts with the equipment,” he says. “They shouldn’t have a 30-year-old plus computer system that doesn’t work.”