ROSELLE PARK - The recent rash of “creepy clown” threats and sightings in New Jersey and nationwide has sparked great concern among residents in the Garden State.

Roselle Park police were alerted to a “non-specific threat involving a clown and the Roselle Park Schools” over the weekend. A 14-year-old student was charged in connection with the threat.

Two teenagers in Gloucester County are facing charges for allegedly posting online that a clown would harm several people at their school. Washington Township police say a 13-year-old girl posted threats that became very specific and identified several victims by name, as well as listed their addresses and other personal information.

A 14-year-old Washington Township student was also charged Monday night for a similar, but separate threat posted online.

School officials in Bound Brook are on alert after a student reported that a man dressed in a black robe with a painted white face and black wig appeared out of the bushes near the school. The student alerted school officials. The Bound Brook Police Department is investigating.

These are just the latest incidents in New Jersey. Toms River police increased patrols at all township schools last week as a precaution. There were several clown sightings in Warren County last week as well.

The “creepy clown” encounters are not just in New Jersey, but across the country.

Authorities in Virginia charged a 13-year-old girl Monday for a message she allegedly posted on social media requesting someone dressed as a clown kill one of her teachers.

A 14-year-old boy in Houston was charged Monday for allegedly using the image of a clown to threaten a school. Similar threats were supposedly perpetrated by a teen girl in Philadelphia.

Schools across the country have had to go on lockdown after people reported that they saw clowns in areas around the schools. Many times these claims are unsubstantiated by police. 

The clown encounters across the country all seem to involve threats posted on social media that a clown will kill or harm students or teachers, or individuals dressed as clowns harassing citizens.