NORWOOD - More coyotes have been spotted in the Bergen County town of Norwood. A homeowner captured video of the latest coyote on a cellphone. 

That coyote had police and neighbors on alert Wednesday morning, as another coyote responsible for attacking a resident tested positive for rabies.

Steve Kelleher is the resident that saw the coyote and recorded video of it.

“It was just looking around probably for something to eat,” he says. “I’m sure if there were another animal out here he probably would have gone after it.”

Police searched the neighborhood all morning trying to capture the animal, but had no luck.

New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Director David Chanda says residents should take precaution if they are going to be outside. No one should go near a coyote they see outside during the day because of the risk of rabies.

Police are advising the local elementary school to keep kids inside during recess, at least through the end of the week. They also recommend that homeowners bring bird feeders and other pet food inside.

The police department will be holding a seminar for residents next week to educate them about coyotes.