MONTCLAIR - A group of Montclair teens is trying to change history, but were turned away at the door.

Elena Tsembris, Emma Axelrod, and Sammi Siegal learned in one of their government classes at Montclair High School that the last time a woman moderated a presidential debate was in 1992 - before any of them were even born. So the girls launched an online petition demanding a female presidential moderator, and gathered over 170,000 signatures.

The girls planned to travel to the nation's capital and hand deliver the signatures this week. But when they arrived at the Commission On Presidential Debates, the non-profit organization that sponsors the presidential debates, the girls were turned away at the door.

The girls say they were told the organization does not accept packages, and that they were escorted out by security.

The teens say they don't plan to abandon their quest for a female presidential moderator.

Carole Simpson is the last woman to host a presidential debate. Simpson hosted the 1992 debate between President George H.W. Bush and candidates Bill Clinton and Ross Perot.