MONTCLAIR - Montclair State University is increasing student tuition for the 2015 - 2016 school year, the university announced Thursday.

The university's board of trustees approved a 2 percent increase in undergraduate tuition and fees. The school says it is the smallest percentage increase the school has enacted in 31 years. Tuition for New Jersey residents would increase by $232 per year.

The school says an increase in enrollment and decreased support from the state led to the increase.

In a news release issued by the university, President Susan A. Cole says the increase 'will ensure that Montclair State can sustain our operations, support our successful programs and implement our strategic goals, while remaining one of New Jersey's most affordable universities."

Earlier this month, the university received a $20 million anonymous donation. That money will go toward the business school to expand its program.

Montclair is not the only New Jersey university to raise its tuition. Last week, Rutgers announced a 2.3 percent increase for its tuition and fees.