MONTCLAIR - Montclair's Deputy Police Chief Todd Conforti as well as Mayor Jerry Fried are calling last night's event at the Wellmont Theater a recipe for disaster.

Now, local officials are taking steps to make sure it never happens again. The mayor, township administrator and the deputy chief say they will be meeting with Wellmont Theater management about what happened last night andhow to prevent a recurrence.

The event, billed as the "Barstool Blackout," forced the closure of nearby Bloomfield Avenue as police attempted to disperse the crowd. The event attracted 2,500 young people, many of whom were visibly intoxicated. Police say they had no choice but to shut it down.

The deputy chief says 24 people were taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and other injuries. Some were hurt in fights, while others were trampled by the crowd after passing out drunk, officials say.

6 arrested, 10 hospitalized after party at Wellmont Theatre