MONTCLAIR - One Essex County town has become a magnet for some of Santa’s magic.

For the past three years, for reasons no one can explain, Montclair has been inundated with letters addressed to Santa Claus. The letters come from all over the country and even overseas.

“I guess the furthest is Russia. We did get 47 states, Alaska and Hawaii included in that,” says Michelle Cammarata with the Montclair Recreation Department.

It started three Christmases ago, when a tub of mail was delivered to the desk of Linda Flynn, another recreation department employee. 

"I thought it was a joke. But truly it was from all around the world,” Flynn says.

And not all of the letters come from children. Letters are frequently received from families in need. The staff has had to set up a support system of volunteers who help them out. Now Flynn and the volunteers personally answer every letter sent to them. 

Flynn suspects that someone somewhere must have put the recreation department’s address on a blog or website for letters to Santa, but has not been able to figure how it happened.