MONTCLAIR - Friends and loved ones of baseball legend Yogi Berra gathered in Montclair Tuesday morning to say goodbye.

The former New York Yankees player died last Tuesday at his home. He was 90 years old.

Funeral services for Berra were private, but many New Jerseyans honored him in their own way. This was especially true in Montclair, where Berra and his wife raised their family.

Berra was a regular at Henry's Fines Foods in Verona. Kaushal Patel's father owns the store. 

"He was a normal person. We would see him every day. He comes at 5:30 in the morning and gets gum and candy," says Patel.

Other store owners in the community say that Berra was a great man and great neighbor.

"He was involved in almost every organization in the town," says Nancy Sutherland, owner of Jack's Store in Montclair. Sutherland says that Berra never let his fame get to this head.

Many residents lined the streets in Montclair to pay their last respects to the legend.

"We came because he was a great person and did great things in our community," says 11-year-old Gabriel Smullyan.

Flags in New Jersey are flying at half-staff in honor of Berra. The Yogi Berra Museum plans to hold a memorial tribute to him this Sunday.