WOODBRIDGE - A Monroe High School hockey player continues to heal, and his team took the ice Wednesday in his honor.

Mikey Nichols broke his neck playing in a game over the weekend.

Students, alumni, parents and others who heard about Mikey's story wanted to show support and raise donations to help him during Wednesday’s game against Woodbridge.

"He's a great kid. Everyone knows him as being a great kid," says former teammate Frank Stuto. "I think everyone's going visit him in the hospital, help him through his physical therapy."

Monroe lost to Woodbridge but players say that didn't stop them from honoring No. 23 Mikey Nichols, who they say was there in spirit.

Doctors say there is a possibility that Mikey could be paralyzed.

"I was shocked because I have been playing hockey my whole life and you never really hear about anything like that happening," Stuto says.

Monroe coaches say the players are focusing on efforts to get the word out about Mikey.