EDISON - Gambling on fantasy sports is on the rise, but traditional sports betting remains illegal.

In 2013, the major sports leagues voiced their support of a move to keep sports betting illegal by arguing that it jeopardized the integrity of their respective games.

But fantasy sports betting has grown exponentially. Millions of players have laid down billions of dollars in bets.

Monmouth Park adviser Dennis Drazen, an attorney, has been pushing to bring legal sports betting to New Jersey's racetracks.

He says that the way the laws are written, fantasy betting is legal. But he also says that he doesn't see a big difference between sports betting and fantasy betting.

Sports betting looks at the outcomes of games; fantasy betting focuses on players' performances.

"What's interesting and what we think is hypocritical of the leagues is that real betting is going on fantasy sports they call it something else," Drazen says.

Because of the technicality, he says racetracks are looking to introduce fantasy sports betting in the near future.

Last month the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the New Jersey's case on legalizing sports betting. State officials say they are hoping the case will be reviewed one more time before a final decision is reached.