FREEHOLD - Monmouth County acting Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni is coming down hard on police in Asbury Park after an increase in crime in the city.

So far this year, four people have been killed and dozens injured in unsolved shootings in the city. The latest incident was a shooting on Sunday that left three people injured.

The prosecutor's office spends a disproportionate amount of time and resources in Asbury Park, Gramiccioni says. He belives local cops need to beef up patrols especially in the west side of town, where most violent crime is committed.

"One of the things I think serves as a deterrent is being a forward and visible presence out there," Gramiccioni says. "Better for citizens and better chance of deterring violent criminal activity."

Gramiccioni says a larger police presence has worked to deter crime in downtown Asbury Park, but says the entire community must be willing to help battle crime.

The city's new mayor Myra Campbell says she understands there is a problem, but isn't ready to place blame yet.