LODI - A family says they are lucky to be alive after jumping to safety from their burning home.

Flames erupted from the Lodi home of the Guerra family at around 6:30 a.m. Thursday when a balloon drifted into power lines in front of the house.  

Investigators say live wires fell to the ground, electrifying a fence that soon ignited the two-family house.  

The mother of two teens says she heard an explosion, and alerted her children.

"She said there's a fire and she's coming upstairs," says Sasha Guerra. "So she's telling me downstairs is dangerous to go through. So I told my brother to go out the window."

They jumped 8 feet from the second floor to escape the flames. "There is a sliding roof and we basically slowly slid off it and jumped," Guerra says. "It was kind of scary, but I just did it in the moment."

Once outside, the Guerras helped the family living downstairs escape.  Sasha says she hurt her back during the jump, but otherwise, everyone is thankful to be OK.

The families were able to retrieve belongings once the fire was out, but they are staying with neighbors because the home is unlivable.