NEWARK - The mother of a 3-year-old Newark girl is relieved that her daughter is safe after the girl was reportedly allowed to leave school grounds without a parent.

Miraculously, Taylor Preston made it to her house. Taylor's mother, Patisha, says her daughter insists that a man escorted her home but she is unable to identify who the man is.

Taylor had only been attending the Pre-K program at Alexander Annex for two weeks.

Patisha says the children were led out on Thursday afternoon for dismissal as usual. But what happened next - and how Taylor ultimately ended up at home without a parent picking her up - is a mystery.

Patisha contacted police and went to the school for answers. The family says they've also ordered an analysis of Taylor's clothing to make sure she was not harmed on her mysterious route home.

Alexander Annex sent a letter home with parents today. The letter says that the school is immediately changing their dismissal procedure. They'll now require a written signature to dismiss any child kindergarten or below. The letter makes no mention of what allegedly happened to Taylor.

The family met with school faculty for more than three hours Thursday and another six hours Friday. They're waiting to see if there will be any disciplinary action taken against any teachers.