BERGEN COUNTY - Voters in Bergen County may get to weigh in on controversial blue laws this November after a grassroots group filed a petition to put the issue on the upcoming ballot.

Bergen County's blue laws prohibit most retailers from being open on Sundays, an issue which has been debated for years.

For the last several months, a group called "Modernize Bergen County" has been pushing for the blue laws to be repealed. The petition filed Friday with the Board of Elections contained more than 2,600 signatures in favor of abolishing the laws.

"It's not fair to tell people to get their errands done six days a week," says Amy Margolin. "It's no one's right to tell someone how to live their life and how to live their schedule."

Others say the laws are simply an inconvenience. "I just purchased a home here in Hackensack and I like to do home repairs on the weekends," says Mitch Horn.

The Bergen County blue laws were created back in the 1950s when the shopping centers were built. The idea was to improve people's quality of life one day a week. Those who oppose repealing the laws believe they keep people with their families on that day.

The Election Board could decide in the coming days whether enough signatures were collected for a ballot measure. If so, voters will decide the fate of the blue laws on Nov. 5.