NEWARK - A young mother was testifying today against the man accused of killing her baby, but the trial came to an abrupt end when a mistrial was declared.

Sheila Troutman became emotional as she described the event three years ago. She told an Essex County jury that she and a police officer were performing CPR, trying to keep 10-month-old Victoria Madison alive, while her ex-boyfriend, Everett Shepard, appeared to have a breakdown in the hallway of a Newark apartment.

Defense attorney John McMahon then demanded an end to the proceedings. It was the second time McMahon demanded an end, the first time was yesterday, after a sobbing and shaky Troutman had to be helped to the witness stand. She was then comforted by two members of the Essex County prosecutor's staff in front of the jury. The judge ruled the mother's testimony today was tantamount to an admission of guilt by Sheppard and declared the mistrial.