NEWARK - A 29-year-old man with special needs who was reported missing from his home in Seattle has been found safe in a New Jersey hospital, a family friend tells News 12 New Jersey.

Jennifer Day says Cody Brown is being treated at a hospital in Newark and he is OK.

Brown is far from home, where family and friends were worried sick. They say he is as trusting and vulnerable as a 12-year-old child. He also has a seizure disorder and cerebral palsy, requiring medication.

Instead of returning to his mother's home after work Thursday night, authorities there say he was spotted at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport, in the company of three strangers, getting a ticket to fly across the country.

Day says he was seen at a Jersey City hospital Friday afternoon, but a woman with him told authorities he was homeless.

Brown is awaiting his family at the hospital in Newark.