MINE HILL - Two sinkholes in Mine Hill have grown in size, according to the town’s mayor.

Mayor Sam Morris tells News 12 New Jersey that crews were excavating the sinkholes on Andrew Kauff’s property Friday and that they are much worse than anticipated.

Morris says that he has contacted Rep. Leonard Lance’s office to urge the Federal Bureau of Mines to come inspect the sinkholes. He also asked for the Army Corps of Engineers to come assist with fixing the holes.

The holes developed on Kauff’s property on Dec. 30. At the time, they were about 20 feet deep. Officials believed that old mines under the town collapsed, leading to the sinkholes.

It was going to cost Kauff about $10,000 to fix the holes, because his homeowner’s insurance does not cover sinkholes. On Thursday, Morris County pool company Caribbean Blue Pools and Spas agreed to donate dirt and some equipment to help offset some of the costs of filling in the holes.