MILLSTONE - A community in Monmouth County has taken emergency action in an effort to block wild house parties.

Officials in Millstone say that a “mansion party” was advertised online inviting people to a “sexy poolside barbeque” for $50 and up this past July. Neighbors who lived on Beechwood Lane say that several hundred people from Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan attended the party.

The Millstone deputy mayor says that wild parties are also held at a mansion on Clarksberg Road. The 2013 party saw several busloads of people attending, with dozens more parking on side streets around the home.

As a result, the township officials have passed an emergency resolution that bans parking on more than a dozen roads near the two party houses. They say that blocking off roads is a safety issue.

The deputy mayor says that state police and federal agents will be on hand the next time either of the homes advertises a party. 

The owners of the homes were not available for comment.

The parking ban will last through October.