ROCHELLE PARK - Rochelle Park's Midland School No. 1 is getting some much-needed improvements, thanks to a referendum approved by voters Tuesday.

The referendum allocates nearly $7 million in state and local funding for the repairs. In addition to structural issues, the building will also get sprinklers and a new security system.

“About 75% of the roof needs to be repaired,” said Dennis McDonald, the superintendent of Rochelle Park schools. “We had problems with the mortar that holds the bricks together. It had eroded. We had leaks in various parts of the building."

The superintendent says once the project gets underway, they might have to move students to other classrooms, so they are not in the way of construction crews. They may also have to adjust the school's hours and even the school calendar.

Crews say they will mainly make repairs on weekends, holidays and during summer vacation. They are expected to take about two years to complete.