MIDDLETOWN - Several teenage girls from Monmouth County have been raising money to protect some of New Jersey’s four-legged law enforcement officers.

Middletown North High School sophomores Kylie Ried and Shannon McCully started K-9 Protection Collection in an effort to raise money to outfit Middletown police K-9 dogs with bulletproof vests. Their goal is to raise at least $2,400.

“They put in just as much work and…are put in as much danger so they should be put on same level,” says McCully.

The girls have raised $700 through a bake sale, water sale and GoFundMe page.

“They're doing it out of the goodness in their hearts. There's not a lot of this out there now, so we are really proud of them,” says mother Patricia Ried.

The Middletown Police K-9 Unit currently has three canine offiers named Koda, Tupac and Jax, and a fourth is expected to join the force in a few weeks.

The girls hope to raise the money before the end of the year, which will cover at least two vests.