MIDDLETOWN - A Middletown High School teacher was forced to resign after he showed his class a video that was against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Joseph Ventre taught history at Middletown High School South. He came under fire after at least one parent complained that he showed a video featuring a segment by HBO’s “John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight” that criticized the candidate.

No other political videos featuring any of the other presidential candidates were shown in the class.

A source tells News 12 New Jersey that the Middletown School Board asked for Ventre’s resignation after the complaints.

Parents and students who support Ventre packed a Board of Education meeting held Wednesday. They asked the school board to reconsider their decision.

"The video may have been offensive to some but it doesn't mean it's not OK for other people.  They might have learned from it,” says freshman Todd Leporatti.

"I don't think it is right, but I don't think they should fire him either,” says Middletown resident Tony Pugliano

The school superintendent says in a statement, "I cannot legally comment as this is a personnel matter. The issue before the Board pertains to a staff member's letter of resignation and is confidential."

Ventre did not return News 12 New Jersey’s calls for comment.