MIDDLETOWN - A Monmouth County woman has learned that her mother's remains have been indentified from the World Trade Center site.

Authorities say that new DNA testing has made it possible to put a face to previously unindentifiable remains from the World Trade Center.

Deena Castineira lost her mother, Anna Laverty, 11 years ago in the terror attacks. Castineira says her dad called the medical examiner's office in New York and was told they had a positive match.

The 9/11 Memorial Garden in Middletown has a stone with her mother's pitcure on it. Laverty is one of the more than 40 9/11 victims from Middletown.

The Casteneira family says they will wait to claim the remain in hopes the medical examiner's office will find more matches to her mother. Eventually, Laverty will be given a proper burial.