ASBURY PARK - Visitors to Asbury Park may soon be asked to shell out more money to park on the city’s streets.

There is a proposal for an increase in fees at parking meters in an effort to bring in more revenue.  Some streets in the city could see metered parking for as much as $3 an hour during peak times.

Parking along Cookman and Ocean avenues, the main thoroughfares in Asbury Park, are expected to see the greatest increase, especially during peak weekend hours.

The higher rates would work on a sliding scale. The more crowded the city, the higher the rate; the less crowded, the lower the rate.

Some visitors to Asbury Park tell News 12 New Jersey that although a price hike will be an annoyance, it’s the price one pays to visit the popular shore town.

“If you want to get into Asbury Park and have a good time, you'll have to pay the freight,” says Len Steen of Ocean Grove.

The Asbury Park City Council is expected to vote on the proposal next month.