BEACHWOOD - Beachwood residents say sharp metal panels falling off of a water tower and landing in their yards are a tragedy waiting to happen.

Several panels fell near homes on Railroad and Spar avenues on Wednesday. Some of the panels appear to be barely hanging on the tower.

"If it possibly fell from that height, it can basically go through a car, through a person, or go on the highway and cause an accident," says neighbor Steve Macknowski.

Homeowner Eugenia Bobek is grateful nobody was outside when the panels fell. "They are very sharp," she says. "If they hit somebody, they can either damage property or hurt somebody seriously."

Mayor Ronald Roma says part of the tower is being leased out by at least two cell phone companies. He says they are responsible for maintaining their equipment.

T-Mobile workers inspected the problem and says the equipment belongs to Sprint. The borough is now waiting for Sprint to make repairs.

The metal panels were put in place to encase their wires.