ISLAND BEACH STATE PARK - Two friends looking to have some fun while on a trip to Island Beach State Park were shocked to learn that the message in a bottle they threw into the ocean was recently found by someone in France.

The tale began when Tommy Zanowic and Bridget Braaten took a trip to Island Beach State Park in 2014. They took a bottle of San Pellegrino and placed the message inside a bottle that read, "Write to us about your good fortunes." They included Zanowic's college mailbox address at Loyola University and tossed it in the water.

Braaten, of Toms River, says, "It was an old-fashioned idea."

Two years later, a message was posted to Loyola University’s Facebook page with a plea to help solve a mystery about a message that was found by an artist on a beach in Northwestern France.

Apparently, an artist named David Folley found the message in the bottle. He posted a message to the Loyola Facebook page and also contacted a French newspaper.

Loyola University shared the post on their social media accounts with hope that someone knew who the owners of the bottle were.

Zanowic saw the post on Instagram and finally realized what it was.

"Saw the message, saw the bottle...and I was like, this looks kind of it hit me a little bit so I sent it to Bridget," says Zanowic.

Folley has been messaging his newfound friends about their lives in America ever since finding the bottle. 

Zanowic says it's amazing how an old way of communicating and a new way of communicating were able to connect people around the globe.