EDISON - Post-Thanksgiving shopping seems to keep kicking off earlier and earlier … and this year, many stores and shopping malls will be open on Thanksgiving Day. Not everyone is happy about that idea.

A man who works at the Menlo Park Mall in Edison has started an online petition demanding the mall stay closed on the actual holiday so that mall employees can spend time with their families.

He supports stores opening extra early on Black Friday.

Shoppers disagree over the idea. "If people are going to come out and shop - why not," says Laura Lee, of Linden. "It's personal and individual."

Kathy Kaminsky, of Carteret, supports the petition. "I think the mall should close for Thanksgiving so people can enjoy their family and the holiday,” she says.

Menlo Park mall management issued a statement saying its extended holiday hours are designed to meet customer needs and reflect changing consumer behavior.