WEST NEW YORK - West New York high school students got an inside look at New Jersey politics during a special lesson at Memorial High School in West New York.

News 12 New Jersey and Cablevision paired up to sponsor the class as part of the Power to Learn program.

Political reporter Luke Margolis moderated a lesson on state and local politics, with guests Assemblyman Vince Prieto and West New York Mayor Felix Roque.

Students got to ask all three of them questions on a variety of topics.

"God knows if there's a future politician, a future newscaster, who knows who's in this audience," Prieto says. "It could be a future governor, a future president, who knows? So the sky's the limit. For me, it’s so rewarding, it's the best thing. I leave here with goosebumps, you know?"

Cablevision is the parent company of News 12 New Jersey.