KEANSBURG - Warmer temperatures headed to New Jersey may make some residents smile, but others fear what will happen to all that snow that has built up around the state.

"It's about time," says Jakcie Smith, of Little Silver. "I'm really tired of the dark dreary days and the weather forecast every day."

As temperatures rise, all the snow that's accumulated over several storms will melt, which has some worried about the potential for flooding.

It's especially true on the low-lying streets of Keansburg, which are prone to flooding.  Marcos Dahse worries the mounds of snow pushed to the curbs as well as onto street dividers will cause problems. "If it's gonna flood it's because of the drain system they have here," Dahse says.

Dahse says too many storm drains remain covered with heaps of ice and snow, giving the water no where to go but into the streets.    

The head of Public Works says 80 percent of storm drains have been shoveled out.  But in the area of Center Street, there was so much snow that those drains were difficult to find.

Officials say all the storm drains in the borough will be clear by Thursday.