LITTLE SILVER - The Mega Millions lottery jackpot that has reached a world-record $640 million has people lining up at lottery retailers around New Jersey.

If one ticket matches all six numbers for the mega-jackpot, the winner would have the choice of receiving the full prize in 26 annual payments of about $20.7 million, or a cash option of approximately $389.8 million, according to the lottery's website.

News 12 New Jersey visited the Little Silver Family Pharmacy, which has sold multiple winning lottery tickets. The manager tells News 12 New Jersey they've sold three winning lottery tickets with huge jackpots, including one recently for $70 million. They also sold one last year for $250,000 and one in 1992 for $2.3 million. The store also sold a $7,500 scratch-off in 2011.

More than 4.7 million tickets won prizes in Tuesday's drawing, including four tickets that each won $1 million and 43 tickets that each won $250,000.

The jackpot for tonight's drawing was originally estimated at $476 million, but stronger than anticipated sales nationwide pushed the jackpot higher.