NEPTUNE - A New Jersey man sought help from Kane in Your Corner after he says a Neptune auto repair shop took his car in for an oil change and returned it with more than $3,000 worth of damage. Kent Grechus tells Kane in Your Corner that he only had his car a few months when he took it to Pro-Touch Auto Repair in Neptune for the service.

Grechus says while his car was at the shop, a mechanic crashed another car into his vehicle. He says he confronted the mechanic about the damage and the mechanic claimed to not know how it happened.

According to Grechus, he called police and according to the police report, a manger agreed to pay the repairs. He said that the manager then claimed that since the police were involved, the repairs weren't going to be paid for.

Grechus took Pro-Touch to court. He said he'd drop the case as long as Pro-Touch submitted the claim to insurance. Three months after the case, he says the damage still wasn't fixed.

He says the insurance adjuster said the company wasn't cooperating and when Kane in Your Corner visited the shop, workers yelled it was private property and demanded the camera crew leave. Since Kane in Your Corner visited Pro-Touch, Grechus says the insurance company called to say the business was going to cooperate. The owner declined to be interviewed for the story, saying the case is now settled.