TRENTON - In an effort to clean up a run-down area of Trenton, Mayor Tony Mack is willing to make an offer that can't be refused.

He is willing to sell 36 fixer-uppers and empty lots in one of the city's most blighted areas for $1 each. It's a package deal, only on the table for an out-of-state developer.

News 12 New Jersey caught up with Trenton City Council President George Muschal, who says it's a mistake to turn to big business first. Muschal thinks Trenton residents should have the chance to purchase the properties.

The city needs the buildings to be renovated or replaced and back on the tax rolls. Muschal says until he has a chance to look into it, he wants to hold off on approving the plan.

News 12 New Jersey offered Mack an opportunity to discuss the proposed sale, but a spokesperson declined the offer.