HOBOKEN - An iconic rock club in Hoboken closed its doors for good Wednesday night.

Maxwell's, located at 1039 Washington St., opened in 1978 and quickly became a legendary venue that hosted some of the biggest names in music. New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen recorded the music video for "Glory Days" there.

The iconic music venue also played host to groundbreaking acts like Nirvana, New Order, Soundgarden, and Sonic Youth.

Owners say the club's small size and changing community contributed to its downfall.

The performance area and stage were small and the venue only had a capacity of 200 people. There was no backstage area, so when the bands had to play, they were often milling about with their fans.

The club hosted a block party, where people gathered all afternoon.

The band "a" was the first to play the venue in 1978 and performed on the final night.

"They never turned it into a nostalgia place, until tonight", says Ron Barone and Glenn Morrow, members of the band "a." "Til tonight it's always been about what's new, it's always been about bringing something new."