RAHWAY - Rahway police are looking for four men who robbed a food distribution warehouse and assaulted the company’s owner.

The robbery happened Tuesday at Nas HS Inc., a food distribution company located on New Brunswick Avenue. Owner Mohammed Halim says that four men wearing masks and toting weapons stormed into the warehouse and demanded money. 

"They just came and they opened the drawer and did not find the money,” he says. “They hit me in the back with the gun and say ‘Give me money, give me money, give me money.”

Halim gave the thieves $5,000, which was meant for his employees. Tuesday is payday. After the men left, he called Rahway police. The whole ordeal was caught on the business’s security cameras.

The owner says that he wonders if the robbery was an inside job because the robbers seemed to know exactly where to go to look for the money.

Halim says that he’s operated the business out of the warehouse for three years and he’s never had any problems before. Now he’s not sure if he wants to stay.

“It’s very scary because this area is isolated,” he says. “I don't know what we do (sic).”

Halim was not seriously injured when he was hit with the gun. Anyone with any information about the robbery is asked to call Rahway police.