The owners of a home destroyed by a fire Wednesday morning say a faulty fire hydrant is to blame for the devastation.

Joe Ciccone says the fire started in his garage Tuesday night, but was put out. The fire then reignited early Wednesday morning. He says he heard firefighters complaining about the water while fighting the first fire.

"[Tuesday] they were yelling on the truck for water, but couldn't produce it," Ciccone says. "It took 20 minutes to get the hose up to the corner."

Ciccone says when firefighters arrived, the two fire hydrants closest to his home weren't working. Neighbors say the firefighters told them that they had asked the town to fix the hydrants weeks ago.

A spokesperson for Marlboro Township says the hydrant was tested by the water utility in May and was working. They are now looking into what happened. Fire hydrants are supposedly checked twice a year.

City workers were out Wednesday afternoon repairing the fire hydrant that was not working.

The Ciccone family will be staying with friends while they recover from the fire.