HOBOKEN - A Hoboken educator has received the honor of Hudson County's Teacher of the Year.

Mark Mautone's special needs class at Wallace Elementary School is primarily made up of six preschool-aged children with autism. He also leads the district's Applied Behavior Analysis Program and uses those principles when educating his students.

Mautone developed an app five years ago to assist in teaching his students not only academics, but life and social skills as well.

He says that in recent years, he has been actively using an iPad in his class, and has been carefully watching the results yielded by doing so.

Mautone says he hopes that by increasing the awareness of his program, other school districts will eventually adopt their own.

Parents of students in his class say that he deserves the recognition because he is the type of educator they know will have a positive impact on their childrens' lives.  

Mautone has three children in elementary school, one of whom was recently diagnosed with epilepsy.