NEWARK - A woman completed her journey in Newark today after setting off on a nine-day paddle across the Garden State to raise awareness about environmental issues that are threatening New Jersey.

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Margo Pellegrino, a stay-at-home mother of two, arrived Friday afternoon in an outrigger canoe at the Orange Sticks boardwalk at the Newark Riverfront Park. 

Pellegrino says she hopes her journey will draw attention to New Jersey's ailing freshwater, ocean, and coastal resources. Pellegrino wants to urge communities to take necessary action.

"When you start seeing signs within your ecosystem that things are dying off and changing, it's really time to pay attention," Pellegrino says.

Pellegrino had a safety boat with her along the trip and was collecting samples for testing.

The paddle is just the first leg of a multi-year paddle from Trenton to New Orleans.

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