WOODBRIDGE - Potholes have become a serious problem on many streets across New Jersey, and a local company has developed an app to help drivers pinpoint the locations of the biggest craters.

The snow and freezing temperatures are taking their toll on streets and highways, producing tire-pounding potholes across the state. 

Dr. Wansoo Im and his team at Vertices LLC in New Brunswick designed an app called Mappler-K that helps drivers report the exact location of a problematic pothole from a smartphone, tablet or desktop. 

Im says the app provides a map, where drivers can see where the hazards are and whether they are dangerous. "It's basically how people can participate," says Im. 

Users can also upload photos of the potholes. 

So far, the app has received a positive response from drivers. Jessica Torres, of Perth Amboy, says she thinks the app is a great idea. "I wish I could look at it before I go - depending on the roads I'm taking to get to my destination," she says. 

The app, which was developed with input from Jersey Shore Hurricane News, launched Thursday, and the interactive map already has red drop pins highlighting more than 330 potholes. 

Dr. Im says government agencies can access the app as well to see where to send repair crews. Once it's fixed, user cans update a pothole's status. 

Im says the app empowers drivers. "I can really do something for my community and then make an impact," he says. 

Experts say potholes are bad this time of year because the pavement keeps breaking up after extreme temperature changes. 

The Mappler-K app is FREE on iTunes and Google Play.

For an extended video of potholes across the state, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612. 

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