EDISON - The Garden State is making sure New Jersey residents aren't left stranded if Hurricane Joaquin knocks out power in the state.

When Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey, the storm knocked out power to more than a million customers. Many of the affected customers were the owners of the state's gas stations.

This presented the state with a different problem. Many of the gas stations had gas, but no means to pump it to customers. This resulted in a near gas shortage and lines miles long at some stations that did have power.

To make sure this problem did not become an issue again, millions of dollars in grants were given to gas stations across New Jersey to install generators. According to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, who gave out the grants, most, if not all of the stations that qualified for the generator grant should already have the generators installed.

Other gas station owners took it upon themselves to have their own generators installed, and paid for them with their own money.

Ho-Ho-Kus Sunoco gas station owner John Tashijan says he has long supplied fuel to emergency vehicles in town. During Superstorm Sandy, first responders hooked up their own generator at Tashijan's station so they could fuel their equipment.

Now, as meteorologists track Hurricane Joaquin, Tashijan says that he is glad he took it upon himself to get his own generator.

"As a business man in the community I feel I just needed to do something proactive," he says. "I'm a local station in town. I want to help the people and keep them fueled."

The NJEDA says there are 72 gas stations across the state that received the grant to install generators. A full list can be found on their website.